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Rosie with her Wig

I have been in the hair replacement business for a long time. And anyone that has been in an industry for many years will tell you that there are still surprises. What surprised me yesterday was a client that came to see Mimi for...

A pleasant surprise!

I never thought that I would be a film producer. I was kinda thrown into it. The facts are that I knew someone born with alopecia that had a wonderful story to tell, a company called Cesare Ragazzi that makes the most beautiful hair...

Kea Can Dance

About a year ago I had a young client come to see me. She was only about 22 years old and had been going through a very aggressive chemotherapy regimen. She had total hair loss and the steroids had left her bloated. But she was the most...

Not the Hair

"Such a great, reputable place!"
- Marilyn Denis
Sunnybrook Hospital Salon