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Michael Suba’s Thinning Hair and His Hair System

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  • Diane Wood

    I was in on Friday for a consultation with Michael. It was a great experience with Michael being attentive and open to my needs. The experience of trying on a postiche that just happened to match my hair color was exhilarating. I now impatiently wait two months for my postiche to arrive and to have my hair styled with it.
    I spent a lot of time reviewing different sites for a suitable hair solution for my thinning hair. If I had to make one recommendation regarding your site is that you do not have anything showing the over 65 group who choose to leave their hair in their natural greying state. I believe that there is a huge market out there who would love to see what magic you do in your shop and your gift with clients..
    Thank you Michael for making me “feel like a woman.”

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