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Hair Loss Mentor Program

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Continental Hair has set up a Mentor Program where women looking for a hair loss solution can chat with a woman that has found one. The mentors are clients of Continental Hair and have volunteered for to help those looking to do something about their hair loss.

After all, they were there too.

Simply email the mentor that has the type of hair loss that you are experiencing and ask your questions. The email address has her name followed by her hair loss type followed by her preferred solution.

Remember, they are volunteers so please give them time to respond. They have day jobs and receive no compensation for being part of this program. They are donating their time to help advise you on what options you have.

I can think of no one better suited to answer your questions from experience and from the heart. I am very grateful to them being so generous with their time and I know they will be able to help you find a solution that is right for you.

Michael Suba

Our Mentors

Each mentor’s name can be found under the condition they’ve overcome. They’re listed with the type of hair enhancement solution they chose.


Paris – Wig

Want to become a mentor? Contact Michael to learn more