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best wigs in toronto
  • Hand Made
  • Natural Look
  • Professional Styling Available
Price Range
  • Synthetic Hair

    $625 – $1050

  • Processed Human Hair


  • Virgin European Human Hair

    Starting at $2700

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Choosing Your New Wig

The hair replacement professionals at Continental Hair understand the importance of creating high-quality wigs. Even the slightest mistake or shortcut can make a wig look fake, which is why we only offer the best of the best to our valued clients. Most of the wigs we offer our handmade, and we offer both synthetic and natural human hair options. In fact, we don’t even offer what most people would call fashion wigs. Instead, we make custom medical quality wigs that are indistinguishable from the real thing.

Before and After - Wig

The look and feel of the hair isn’t the only aspect of our wigs that is important. Our cap is designed in a way as to not irritate your already sensitive scalp, which ensures you are comfortable enough to not even remember you are wearing a wig.

Whether you are looking for a wig made from virgin European hair, synthetic hair, or a blend of both, we are here to find the right option for your needs. We also offer salon and styling services to ensure your wig perfectly suits your established look. For more information about the wigs we offer, please contact Continental Hair today

Handmade vs Machine Made

In terms of design and manufacture, most of our wigs are handmade. Being knotted by hand gives them a much more natural appearance in terms of the amount of hair in the cap, as well as how the hair moves when the wig is worn. It also translates into better comfort, being lighter and cooler than machine-made wigs. Whether the hair is natural or synthetic, hand-knotting makes a huge difference.

before after courtney - best wigs in toronto

Human Hair Wigs

It is of the human hair wigs, however, that we are the most proud. Our virgin European hair is unmatched anywhere. Most wigs use processed human hair from China. The hair must be stripped of the cuticle and bleached in a rather nasty chemical process. “Virgin” hair from Europe has not been treated this way. It is softer and lighter, with a more natural colour and depth of tone, and has much more strength than processed hair. At Continental Hair, our beautiful human hair wigs are especially noted for their luxurious natural look and feel.

Our Best-Selling Options

The JUNE Medical Wig

The June is a beautiful human hair wig specifically designed for a woman with medical hair loss due to alopecia, chemotherapy, or trichotillomania. It’s cap is designed to be comfortable and secure. The French top allows for the hair to be naturally parted anywhere. Now with a lace front. Made with processed human hair that looks and feels natural and is beautifully stylable. Prices include styling and colour but not HST.

Length Price
 10 inch  $1900
 14 inch  $2300
 16 inch  $2700
The ALLISON Medical Wig

The Allison is a new design that brings comfort, styling and security to a new level. The medical cap is designed for a woman with alopecia, chemotherapy, or trichotillomania hair loss. It has a French top for parting anywhere and a beautiful lace front to allow a natural front hairline. Made with processed human hair that is both natural and stylable. Prices include styling and colour but not HST.

Length Price
 11 inch  $2200
 14 inch  $2500
 16 inch  $2800
 18 inch  $3300


The JAY Medical Wig
The “Jay” is a top of the line medical wig made with virgin European hair in a hand made cap. It is our flagship stock wig. Continental Hair clients have loved the Jay Wig for years because of its true to life look and comfort. A French top allows for styling flexibility while the virgin hair is the ultimate in look and feel. Prices are dependent inn length and natural colour. Prices include styling and colour but not HST.

Human & Synthetic Blend Wigs

There are wigs available that are “Blends” of human and synthetic hair.

Continental Hair carries a select few of these Wigs only. Our strict guidelines of only offering the best of the best continues with these new blends in mind. While we completely recommend these wigs, we caution you to remember not all Blends are equal.

We recommend you treat the blends similar to a full synthetic wig.

before and after photo - melissa


A wig, in the end, has to be styled. Just like something off the rack, it has to be tailored to you. A good stylist can make any wig look good—for a while. But a stylist not experienced with wigs can make the most beautiful work of art look horrible. Styling your wig is important, and that is why we have expert stylists at our main salon, and at our hospital salon, to ensure your wig looks great.


Your warmth and understanding has helped us both to deal with our feelings. We really appreciate all that you have done for us and would like to express our deepest gratitude.

C.L. Toronto February 20, 2016