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Coboconk? Who Knew?

Thirty years ago my parents bought a cottage near Coboconk Ontario. Its tough to find on a map but its a pretty spot a couple hours from the city. When the salon recently had summer shut down for some time off the family and I always head out of town and up there. Its so much cooler in the country.

Coboconk, population 800, has an IGA where we get most of our supplies. One day I was exiting the place and I saw a client coming in. She wears a full cap, virgin Euro blonde wig. She has been with Continental for about ten years now. She was with a gentleman (if you could call a man that would wear shorts like that a gentleman) and our eyes met for a moment. I knew just what to do. I kept on walking. I have run into clients just about everywhere. In the subway, the theatre, old Maple Leaf Gardens, the hospital. But I know that what I do for my clients can be tough to explain to someone that has not been ‘explained’ to. So there might be a hint of fear in her eyes as she sees me but that quickly goes away once she knows I am going to walk on by. Sometimes I feel the need to apologize because of my behavior, but I have been told time and again that this is the way to do things. And as we have been working with more and more women every year I am sure that I will be running into clients in more and more obscure places. So clients should know that I am not going to run up and say “Hey Jenni that integration is looking AWESOME!” Its just not done

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Michael Suba

Owner and President of Continental Hair.

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