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Why Continental Hair? We have been actively answering that question for over fifty years. When my parents first started the business the answer was that if you wanted to have the latest fashionable style you needed a wig or fall from Continental Hair. During the seventies and early eighties if a man to wanted to have the finest hair replacement the answer was Continental Hair. During the go-go eighties because of the advances in cancer treatments women looking for a wig to maintain their privacy the answer was Continental. Starting in the early nineties when women started looking in earnest for solutions for their thinning hair and alopecia again Continental Hair gave them the answer.

Why Continental Hair? Because we have seen it all. We know what will work and what will not. Sometimes a client will ask us to do something for them and is not pleased that we will not do it because we know it will not result in the look and the experience she wants and expects. This is, for example, the case with using extensions for thinning hair. Or the nonsense of making a wig out of your own hair in a couple weeks. We could make money doing and saying such things. Others do. But Continental Hair does not.

Why Continental Hair? Because I travel the world searching for the very best hair and manufacturers for my clients, some of whom have been with me for decades. They expect that I should be able to advise them on the latest “stuff” out there. The hair replacement world has changed. It used to be a sleepy (and maligned) backwater to the hairstyling crowd. But that was years ago. Now it is essential for so many women to have options for their hair loss problems. And the market has responded with the good, the bad, and the ugly, just like it always does. For someone new to trying to find something to help her it can lead to costly mistakes.

Why Continental Hair? Because no matter what the design, if it is a synthetic wig, or a human hair topper, or a tape extension or a Contressa Hair System, it always has to be the highest quality and the best value.

Why Continental Hair? We do everything from start to finish. We design, manufacture, style, maintain and repair. Our stylists are experienced, professional and they listen. We take ownership of our work. If its not right, we make it right.

Why Continental Hair? Because here you have the confidence that you will be treated fairly by professionals that will do everything possible to give you confidence in your hair and your look. We know that hair loss is painful. Its painful because its important. But we know that we can help. Just like we have helped tens of thousands of women over the decades.