Why Continental Hair?

if you want to have the latest fashionable style you need a wig or fall from Continental Hair. We know what will work and what will not.
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Why Continental Hair?

We have been actively answering that question for over fifty years. When my parents first started the business the answer was that if you wanted to have the latest fashionable style you needed a wig or fall from Continental Hair.

During the seventies and early eighties if a man to wanted to have the finest hair replacement the answer was Continental Hair. During the go-go eighties because of the advances in cancer treatments women looking for a wig to maintain their privacy the answer was Continental. Starting
in the early nineties when women started looking in earnest for solutions for their thinning hair and alopecia again Continental Hair gave them the answer.

how are we different?

We have seen it all. We know what will work and what will not. Sometimes a client will ask us to do something for them and is not pleased that we will not do it because we know it will not result in the look and the experience she wants and expects. This is, for example, the case with using extensions for thinning hair. Or the nonsense of making a wig out of your own hair in a couple weeks. We could make money doing and saying such things. Others do. But Continental Hair does not.

We’ve done the searching for you!

I travel the world searching for the very best hair and manufacturers for my clients, some of whom have been with me for decades. They expect that I should be able to advise them on the latest “stuff” out there. The hair replacement world has changed. It used to be a sleepy (and maligned) backwater to the hairstyling crowd. But that was years ago. Now it is essential for so many women to have options for their hair loss problems. And the market has responded with the good, the bad, and the ugly, just like it always does. For someone new to trying to find something to help her it can lead to costly mistakes.

We offer only the best

Because no matter what the design, if it is a synthetic wig, or a human hair topper, or a tape extension or a Contressa Hair System, it always has to be the highest quality and the best value.


We do everything from start to finish. We design, manufacture, style, maintain and repair. Our stylists are experienced, professional and they listen. We take ownership of our work. If its not right, we
make it right.

Why Trust Us?

Because here you have the confidence that you will be treated fairly by professionals that will do everything possible to give you confidence in your hair and your look. We know that hair loss is painful.

Its painful because its important. But we know that we can help. Just like we have helped tens of thousands of women over the decades.

At the end of the day, you can listen to the thousands of other women who have trusted Continental Hair to give them the very best!

customer Reviews

19:01 24 Aug 23
It is always a pleasure stopping in at Continental Hair. Michael and his team are very welcoming and always take the time away from their busy schedules to say hello. The quality of service cannot be beat. It’s well worth the 5 hours drive to Toronto!
Joyce FungJoyce Fung
16:01 07 Aug 23
I have the Contressa and it’s absolutely incredible. First I booked an appointment to see Michael himself, and during the appointment he discussed and showed me my options. I was really interested in the Contressa because you can basically do anything with it on, yes, this includes swimming! I really wanted something that would stay on in case I wanted to do physical activities and sports, like I used to before I was diagnosed with Alopecia. So, we set-up another appointment, this time with Davide to take measurements and a mold of my head, so he could custom make my Contressa to fit my head. Four months later my Contressa hair system was ready for me to wear for the first time, and Davide did an absolutely wonderful job on styling the hair and fitting it onto my head. It looks so natural, no one even knows I have a hair system on my head. I also get my service done by Leila as well, and she is absolutely wonderful. Whenever I go to Continental, I always feel like a VIP client and they always go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your hair and feeling your best! Thank you Michael, Davide, Leila and staff for always making me feel comfortable and confident! I highly recommend Michael and his team, and I can’t wait until my next service appointment!
Jacqui CipinJacqui Cipin
18:34 20 Jun 23
I have been a client since the early 90’s. Starting with synthetic wigs and then taking the plunge to custom human hair wigs. The progression from brunette- blonde-red has been an adventure. Thank you Michael and all your staff for your expertise and compassion throughout the years. Highly recommended Continental Hair to everyone!!🥰
Jeff LazenbyJeff Lazenby
21:12 05 Jun 23
During my wife’s chemotherapy treatment for cancer, she lost her hair in 2018 – she wanted a wig and we were referred to Michael at Continental Hair in Toronto. During the consultation process, Michael was kind and empathic knowing that this was a very difficult time for my wife as she continued to battle to get well. We knew nothing about buying and owning a wig and Michael made the process easy and explained everything. We then had the wig cleaned and styled on a regular basis at Continental (by Mimi) over the next number of months (buying a package to do this made this a simple process). As my wife’s hair started to regrow, she then started to have her hair cut and styled at Continental by Mimi (who is amazing!). My wife’s health is great and she has fully recovered from her cancer (5 years cancer free!) and she still goes to Continental and sees Mimi for her cut and colour! Mimi is awesome and my wife loves how she does her hair. We would highly recommend Michael, Mimi and the entire team at Continental Hair!
Sarah MiddletonSarah Middleton
00:25 01 Jun 23
They always provide the highest quality hair with the most professional team. Michael will make you feel comfortable and you can tell that he truly cares.
Jenna AugerJenna Auger
02:07 19 Mar 23
After experiencing hair loss from both lupus and alopecia, it has been my goal and dream to go to continental after hearing about it through a fellow alopecia sister a few years ago. What I can first say is my gosh , I wish I didn’t wait the time that I did to go and I hope no one else does either !To say it is now my favourite salon would be an understatement , and I can confirm all of the wonderful things I heard are more than true.The salon itself is beautiful and the environment is unlike any other. As someone still fairly new (6 years) into my hair loss and acceptance journey , it is still nerve wracking going somewhere new and the process of looking for a wig can be an emotional experience for me. From the minute I walked in the door at continental all of those feelings went away. Michael the owner, and the staff, are so remarkable and make you feel so comfortable, safe, and confident. I truly believe you won’t find a more welcoming place. They work with you to find exactly what you are looking for. You may even find what you never knew you should have been looking for but love, because dang !..do they know their stuff !The wig I found is truly the closest to my own hair and self that I have found so far in my years of wearing wigs. I couldn’t be happier ~ A week after my first appointment and I am still finding myself crying looking in the mirror over how happy I am and how like myself I feel. With that said , the wigs at continental are without a doubt the most comfortable , high quality, and absolutely stunning wigs I have found and that you will find. I promise that!Michael the owner is one of the kindest , most compassionate, and supportive people I have now had the privilege of meeting. He is so passionate about the salon and what he does as well, which makes all of the difference. More so, he is incredibly knowledgeable, as is all of his staff. He went above and beyond to give me an amazing experience , and he answered all of my MANY questions about wigs with patience and enthusiasm.I would 100% and honestly recommend continental to anyone and everyone and truly could never say enough about this incredible place. I didn’t stop smiling the entire time I was there (which shout out to my friend , captured in a photo of my first time seeing the wig on me)I want to thank Michael and all of the staff from the absolute bottom of my heart for restoring my confidence and self love (that a lot of times had felt I had lost ) and for helping me feel the most like me again in a VERY long time (still crying and smiling).They most definitely have a new lifelong customer in me !

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Why Choose us?

The Finest Selection of Wig’s, Topper’s, & Postiche
Leading Hair Replacement Technology
We Truly Understand The Emotional Bond You Have with Your Hair
Over 20,000 Satisfied Clients and Counting
Wigs for Kids Program
Best Team of Hair Stylists in the Industry and we Stand Behind Our Work


The salon is known for its excellence in hair replacement and has provided those in need with hair replacement services for more than 17 years.

Continental Hair offers all of the same services available at their downtown studio.

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