Salon Services

We Aim to Please

To better serve our clients we have developed a set of policies to clarify how we work.

  1. There are no exchanges or refunds on wigs or hair systems that have been purchased. This is an industry standard and there are no exceptions.
  2. Wigs that are returned prior to being styled are subject to a restocking fee. The fee is $200 for a human hair wig, and $100 for a synthetic hair wig.
  3. Continental Hair Ltd. is not responsible for any items left on our premises for longer than 90 days. This includes items left for repair of custom orders that have been received.
  4. Continental Hair realizes that hair is a very personal and important part of a woman’s look and confidence. If any client finds herself unhappy or dissatisfied with a product or service we need to be notified immediately of the problem so we can address it. In most cases these problems are easily resolved.
  5. All prices on wigs and hair systems include the initial styling and coloring. Any adjustments to the cut and/or color are also included for the 30 days after purchase. For this reason we ask clients to allow us to leave the hair 1 cm “too long” to leave room for any adjustments later.
  6. A client is not required to stay with the same stylist on future visits. A client can choose to work with any stylist that is available in the appointment time she wishes.
  7. All clients receive a Styrofoam head, ‘wig cap’ hair net, and chin strap (for wigs), a travel box, T-pins, price list, washing instructions, and policy sheet with their initial purchase.
  8. Continental Hair has a 6 month warranty on factory defects. This is standard policy, there is no extra charge.
  9. If any custom made wig or hair system is not made to the specifications agreed to at time of purchase it will be remade at our expense.
  10. A non-refundable 50% deposit is required for all orders.
  11. Any custom orders that a client does not claim within 90 days will be put into inventory and the client will forfeit the deposit unless other arrangements are made in advance.

Repairs/Hair Additions:

  1. On new purchases if this is required it is done at no extra charge. Any other work will have to be examined by Michael. If it is not a factory defect then the charge will be $100/hour plus the cost of a wash/set if done by a Continental Hairstylist.
  2. Repairs that must be sent to the factory for delicate and/or major repairs will take 6 – 8 weeks. The cost can range from $300 – $700.
  3. Continental Hair is expert at styling a woman’s own growing natural hair. However we will do so only for clients that have purchased our hair products and not the general public.