Frequently Asked Questions

New to Continental Hair, or is this your first time shopping for hair? Here are some answers to the
most common questions we get asked.
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Can you make a wig for me out of my own hair?
No. One ponytail cannot make a wig (it usually takes 6-12). Also any custom made wig will
take 3 to 4 months to make.
Does wearing a wig hurt my own hair?
No, as long as there are no clips or combs pulling on your hair there will be no damage. Its just like wearing gloves does not hurt your fingernails.
Do you style wigs purchased elsewhere?
No, we are not able to do that.
What is the difference between “processed” and “virgin” hair?
Processed hair has started out black or very dark brown and has been bleached, stripped of the cuticle and coloured to make it look like European hair. Virgin hair is the natural colour.
How long do wigs last?
It depends on how they are made and how they are maintained. Human hair wigs usually last 2 to 3 years. Synthetics about 8 to 12 months.
How quickly can I get a wig?
Continental Hair has a wide variety of wigs in stock. These can usually be customized and styled for you within a week or so.
Do you style and colour a person’s growing hair?
Yes, we are a full service salon but we only work on a woman’s natural growing hair is she is a client of our and has purchased a wig or postiche or other hair system.
Do you take hair donations?
Yes, our Wigs For Kids Program accepts hair donations that are made into free wigs for children with medical hair loss. The hair must be in ponytails or braids, 12 inches (30 cm) or longer, secured with elastics at both ends. The hair should be clean and dry, and never have been bleached or permed. Yes we accept fray hair. You can mail it to one of our salons or drop it off. There is a donor certificate on our website that you can download.
How secure is it? Will it fly off?
No. If it is properly fitted it will not fly off during regular wear. Depending on the attachment method and type of hair you should ask about swimming etc.
Will my wig be itchy?
About 2 or 3 percent of our clients complain that a cap itches. This is usually in synthetic full-cap wigs. We solve this problem quite easily by sewing in a satin lining. This takes care of the problem immediately.
Are hair systems difficult to maintain?
Not at all. No matter what design you choose we will make sure that you are trained in how to make sure it always looks great. We also have maintenance programs if you want us to handle that stuff.
Are wigs and hair systems warm?
Some can be, but the ones that we design have this specifically in mind. They are lightweight and being hand made are very breathable.

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