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Salon Services

Salon Services

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wig styling services

A human hair wig, in the end, has to be styled. Just like something off the rack, it has to be tailored to you. A good stylist can make any wig look good—for a while. But a stylist not experienced with wigs can make the most beautiful work of art look horrible. Styling your wig is important, and that is why we have expert stylists at our main salon, and at our Sunnybrook hospital salon, to ensure your wig looks great.


Colour Wig (Full Colour)


Colour Postiche (Full Colour)


Colour Own Hair – Short (12″ or less) and Very Thin Hair


Hi-Lites or Lo-Lites on Wig


Hi-Lites or Lo-Lites on Postiche


Hi-Lites or Lo-Lites of Own Hair


Wash and Set of Wig/Postiche


Wash and Set of Own Hair


Trim Wig/Postiche


Trim Own Hair


Extension Maintenance


Integration Maintenance




Perm (Overnight Process)


Hair Add*

$190 per hour

* Wash & Set not included in Hair Add pricing
* Please bring in your clean and dry hair or pre-book Wash & Set with one of our stylists

Our expert Toronto wig maker is in once a week to repair caps or fill in older pieces that may have lost hair over time. Clients are required to book this service in advance and will be asked to show up 30-45 min prior to the booking to have their piece washed. Once the hair add is complete, our stylist will finish the piece and make adjustments to blend the new hair.

Continental Hair only services products purchased through our company, as we cannot guarantee the quality of products purchased elsewhere. Thank you for your understanding.