Client Profile: Michelle

Michelle’s Story

Michelle recently came to see me. She comes down from Timmons so it is a hike. This time her mother came with her and its great to see her again too. You see Michelle has been coming to see me for almost 25 years. She said to me on this last visit that its the longest relationship she’s ever had. I have to say that it is always a treat to see her.

You see she first came to see me when she was in middle-school. She was losing her hair very quickly and the wig she got locally were not helping. So I was so happy that she found something that she liked. And you can see her story on the wonderful video that she did for Continental! She is one of my favourite people that I have met doing this. And it is heartwarming to see her now and again. I feel like I’m a proud uncle that sees her growing up and doing so well in making her way in the world.

One thing that she should be especially proud of is the fact that through this video she has helped thousands of young women all over the world come to terms with their alopecia. I have been contacted by young women (or their moms) saying just that.

And that makes me proud too.