Client Profile:
MEET Candace

Candace‘s STORY

Candace lost her hair to alopecia several years ago. She was referred to Continental Hair by her stylist. Her hair was falling out rapidly and she decided that our virgin hair stock wig, the “Jay”, was the best solution for her. We coloured and cut it just the way she liked. She loved it.

Then she heard about our “Contressa” system. After a couple years with her Jay wig she decided that she would make the jump to a full cap Contressa system. We did the parameters and when it came in she was just crazy happy. The Contressa uses the same virgin hair as the Jay but it’s cap is a second skin that is moulded to the head. Candace can wear it as a traditional wig, or tape it down for a few days, or bond it down for a month at a time. Its the closest thing to getting your hair back.

Since then she has been kind enough to model her hair for Continental. In New York, San Diego, and The Kawarthas.

“Michael, I’m not kidding, not a day goes by without someone complimenting me on my hair.” Candace first got a European human hair Jay Wig, and subsequently moved to the Contressa system.