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How to Shop for a Wig

Shopping for a wig can be challenging. The fact that you are new to the product and the process can be daunting. Add to the fact that maybe you do not actually want to get a wig but circumstances are such that you need one makes it even more stressful. I hope that these tips can help you find the perfect wig for you. The first thing I tell a...
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What Is A Postiche??

Back in the 1960’s wearing hair was a fashion statement. A woman was not considered “with it” unless she was wearing a ‘fall’ or a ‘wig’. It was a time when women wore gloves when they went to a hockey game (and a man wore a suit). It was round about then that my mother, Emma Suba, created what my father named The Postiche. This was a small hairpiece that gave a...

The Early Postiche

Most women have no idea that the postiche even exists. The few who do know call it by its modern name, the "topper". But its been around since my mother invented it in the '60's (my father named it, sorry).

Toronto’s Best Wig Salon For a New & Improved You

Are you ready to feel like your very best self with amazing hair? Since 1964, Continental Hair has worked with thousands of women to provide them with beautiful hair! We’re the number one wig salon offering various locations throughout Toronto. Whether you’re experiencing hair thinning, hair falling out due to a medical condition, or any other hair loss circumstance, we’re here for you! We offer a variety of services with...

Understanding the Causes of Hair Loss

Whether you’re a man or a woman, it is at the very least, frustrating when you start to notice that your hair is thinning. But with today’s modern technology, our hair pieces and wigs are outstanding works of art that make it almost impossible to tell the difference.

Lost In Transportation

Earlier in the year, I was contacted by a long-time client. She asked me about the Contressa System and would it be appropriate for a teenager going through Alopecia. I told her that it was a perfect solution for alopecia, and many of my younger clients love it because it is so close to getting their hair back.

You’ve got a new wig! …Now what?

Congratulations! You have purchased your wig or Postiche. So now what?

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