Tales from Prosecco Night

So we threw a party last week called “Prosecco Night”. This originated many years ago as “Client Appreciation Night’, but Prosecco Night has a better ring to it. The reason is still the same: Continental Hair is grateful for all the friends and clients that have supported us over the years. It was especially brought home during the lockdowns. Clients were still sending me orders from as far away as Germany, Florida and The Caribbean and I am very proud to say that during that time not one employee at Continental Hair missed a paycheque.

I have noticed a couple things at these gatherings. Clients are thrilled to be able to finally commiserate with other women that have had similar experiences. And hey love seeing new developments and designs that can give them more options for their hair loss (although they usually stay with their tried and true method).

For myself I love catching up with clients that I have not been able to talk with for a long time. There’s Sarah, who’s parents brought her to me when she was a little girl with alopecia. She has grown up and now has a beautiful little boy of her own. She has a podcast called The Art of Alopecia that she co-hosts with another Sara with alopeai (and another client as well). She has modeled for Continental Hair and I was so glad that she was able to come by and enjoy the party.

And there is Marcy, who was a teenager when her alopecia hit her. Her parents brought her from London to see me and get her first wig. She still wears Continental Hair wigs. She is a volunteer with the Canadian Alopecia Areata Foundation (CANAAF) and has an extremely popular Instagram page called The Art of Alopecia.

And Dawn who never wore a wig until she was in her 30’s and got one from Continental. Now she models and pageants and promotes. Her Instagram is @baldisbeautifuldawn.

And its always great seeing Avery. She lights up a room even with her dark hair!

Some of you might remember Kate from more than a few of our video and posts. She has been a wonderful client for more years than any of would care to say. It was lovely that she could come by.

I am grateful to all Continental Hair clients and it was great seeing so many of you last week. I know the photos don’t show a big crowd but that’s because I wanted to make sure that the guests that were shy did not get photographed. Bur we had over 60 here. And I know that there are many that did not get to join us but really wanted to so there’s always next year.

Thanks again and enjoy a beautiful spring. Cheers!

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