Cesare Ragazzi Trichology


  • Improves hair growth
  • Reduces hair loss
  • Conditions and softens hair
  • Increases hair follicle regrowth rate
  • Rigorously tested and safe

Price Range

  • Pricing represents packages of 4-16 treatments. Please contact us for details.
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The Trichology division at Cesare Ragazzi has developed one of the most exciting hair restoration solutions on the market today. The Tricosil range from Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories not only improves the overall condition of your hair but it’s been clinically proven to stimulate hair regrowth!

How Does Cesare Ragazzi Trichology Work?

This leading edge formula combats hair loss and boosts growth, all while deep conditioning. Each Tricosil range product is contains pharmaceutical-grade inhibitors specially formulated to combat the enzyme that generates Dihydrotestrone; a hair-loss inducing hormone.

In addition, each Cesare Ragazzi Trichology product is infused with organic oil extracts and synthetic molecules in order to treat hair and skin on a cellular level. Each impermeable oil is chemically formulated to penetrate hair follicles and skin yet evaporate easily. The results, hair is healthy, soft and supple without feeling greasy or weighted down.

Finally, the Tricotech® is a patented technology that has also been proven to stimulate blood flow in the scalp in order to increase the rate at which treated hair follicles regenerate. Did we mention that each Cesare Ragazzi Trichology product it is safe? Every item in the line has been rigorously tested and is in compliance with international GMP legislation 713/86.

Introducing Tricosil Range Products

Anti-Sebum Treatments
Cesare-Ragazzi-Anti-Sebum-TreatemntThe Cesare Ragazzi line of Anti-Sebum products is formulated to fight the body’s sebum production and restore the health of the scalp.
Moisturizing Anti-Dandruff Treatments
Cesare-Ragazzie-dandruff-rehydration-treatmentThe Anti-Dandruff line fights the production of dandruff with essential oils and organic minerals to moisturize and condition hair.
Anti-Sebum & Anti-Dandruff Treatments
Cesare-Ragazzi-Anti-Sebum-Anti-Dandruff-TreatmentThe CRLab line of Anti-Sebum and Anti-Dandruff offers an incredible combination of hair restoration and scalp conditioning treatment.
Anti-Hair Loss Treatments
Cesare-Ragazzi-Anti-Hair-Loss-TreatementThe Cesare Ragazzi line of anti-hair loss treatment products are chemically engineered to slow and even prevent hair loss.
For All Scalp Types
Cesare-Ragazzi-Hair-Treatment-For-All-HairThe CRLab line of restructuring products are designed to benefit virtually anyone. Proven to revitalize, moisturize, balance and fortify all hair types and scalp conditions, these products are truly second to none.
Restructuring and Styling
Cesare-Ragazzi-Restructuring-and-Styling-TreatmentThe Cesare Ragazzi line of restructuring and styling products not only deep condition the hair and scalp but leaves all hair types looking polished and red-carpet ready.
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