Human hair? Or not?

I have been getting many women coming in lately telling me that human hair is really difficult and high maintenance. I understand that this is something that has been said for decades and I believe it comes down to three major sources. The first is that most people working with wigs do not sell really nice human hair. Really nice human hair, either virgin or processed, is really easy to take care of. They will only need to be washed once a month and when its being done you can use a hot blower or irons. Mousse or gel is all good. No worries. Synthetics are, in my opinion, more difficult. But we, and our clients, work with them every day. The second reason I think that it is said that human hair is more difficult than synthetic is that, forty years ago, it was. Back then the standard practice was to wash them in dry cleaning fluid. I have seen it done. They get very clean, but there are obvious hazards, and is not necessary. The third reason? Well, its just many people repeating what they have heard. I know that this little paragraph is only kicking the tide but in regards to the beauty, look, longevity, and versatility, (and maintenance), a fine quality human hair wig has no pretenders.

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