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My name is Seven, I’m a stylist at continental hair; and yesterday I was aked if I could do a consultation for a young girl who came into our salon without an appointment, looking for a wig since she lost her hair from cancer. Fortunately I was available. However, I was also told at that moment that this young girl needed a wig for an interview, she was going to in an hour. EEEEEEK! No pressure. But the thought that did come into mind was, “I need to do what I can for this client.”

So with the boss MIA, it was my responsibility to find something suitable for her. I also did kept in mind that yes I did have to find her something A.S.A.P, but it was also imperative that despite the limited time we had to find something, I also had to make sure that I wasn’t pressuring, or overwhelming her to be comfortable in a hurry. We were able to find a wig that looked beautiful on her. I looked into her eyes as she looked into the mirror with the wig on, she felt overwhelmed. I asked her if she needed a moment to breathe and absorb the whole process of getting a wig. She said yes. I left her and her mother to talk, and I assured them that there was no pressure to make a quick decision without feeling good about herself.

Moments later, the young girl decided, “This is the one.” We didn’t have time before, but she did return after her interview for her haircut. The young girl and her mother were so happy we found her hair in an hour. =)

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