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Head Shaving

Ask Michael

I have been getting numerous calls from women asking me if one has to shave their head to wear a wig. I do not know where this is all coming from but I have two suspicions.

The first is that many hair enhancement salons started out working only with men and this is how they attach their hair pieces. They actually bond the hair system to the stubble of hair that has been clippered down. This is not something that we do at Continental Hair, and this is for hair pieces, not wigs.

The second has to do with lace wigs. Lace cannot cup the head and hold on like regular wigs. It must have glue to hold the front down and in place. If you have no hair there it is okay. If you do, it will not be pleasant.

So rest easy everyone. Wearing a wig is easy and does not require you to make such a sacrifice. Enjoy and have fun.

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Michael Suba

Owner and President of Continental Hair.
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