“I believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way. I am here to enhance that beauty.” -Seven

For a couple of years I have aspired to live and work according to this motto.
During my hairschool days, we were told to write a motto for ourselves, in hopes it would come along with us in our careers. I found that I have been able to use it as a hairstylist, and just as someone who wants all women to feel beautiful and confident.

I think that it’s fitting for the industry that I work in. Not only the type of industry, but this part of the beauty industry. In working here, we get to be part of women of all ages in building the feeling of beauty and confidence in them. I never realized or witnessed until I worked here, how common cancer is; how common alopecia is; how common male pattern baldness with women is. There are many children, young girls, and women who experience hair loss everyday. However, women I have met @ Continental Hair are the most beautiful people I have ever met (inside and out).
Lots of hair, some hair, little hair or no hair; either way, they are all beautiful.

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