Warm N.C.

Dear Michael,

I wanted to send you and your amazing team a huge thank you! To refresh your memory, I was in with my mother— – the two blondes that bought the beautiful wig by Richard. Although the wig has not and will not be used for another 2 months or so, I know it has helped with my mom’s confidence and helped prepare her for the remaining phase of chemo. She is now in her second day of recovery from surgery, which went very well.

I had high expectations based on your reputation and reviews; and being there in person with my mother, Continental Hair (yourself and your team) far exceeded what I was expecting. The work you and your team do ist truly amazing. It’s heart warming to think of what Continental Hair offers their clients…. it’s way more than beautiful hair. The feeling of confidence, empowerment and, beauty as well as feeling somewhat prepared for the next step is what you give your clients. I know it also made my mother and myself I realize that she’s not alone. Cancer is something that affects many people, but until you or someone you know is going through it, its impossible to understand just how life- changing it can be.

Thank you so much for everything.,
I will be in touch and let you know how the wig is working out in a few weeks.

Warm Regards,
N. C.

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