Barry and Renee B.

Michael and staff,

Thank you so much for making this difficult time in our lives a little more manageable. Lisa has returned to school with confidence and received only favourable comments about her new hairstyle (that being the wispy bangs). Thanks to her wonderful wig she is participating in all her regular activities (when she has the energy), including school, gym and her badminton club.

I haven’t yet been able to convince her to take the wig off for sleeping, but she is wearing the hairnet you provided which keeps the hair nice and smooth. She just doesn’t like the feel of her head with the wig off. I certainly can’t blame her so am not pushing the issue and just hope the wig will last until her own hair returns.

The nurses at Sick Kids were amazed with Lisa’s wig and all wanted to know where we got it. Naturally, we recommended your shop with confidence!

Thank you again so much for your kind consideration.

Kind regards,
Barry and Renee B.

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