Dear Michael,

I wore my new hair for the first time at a neighbourhood celebration attended entirely by people who see each other every day. That night the compliments flowed, and they haven’t stopped. I am told that I look younger, prettier, fitter, thinner, or that my new hairstyle and/or hair colour suits me very well. I think I’ve fooled everyone. I haven’t had anyone peering at me suspiciously, or tugging my hair to see if it’ll come off. I have had questions about what kind of hair products I use, and how long it takes me to style it. Fortunately, your stylist had concocted a story about a body perm that now serves me very well.

Because I have financial constraints right now, I don’t wear the hair system very often. Instead, I’ve taken to wrapping a kerchief around my head (which I’ve also been told suits me well) and saving the system for special occasions. I’ve now worn it 18 times, and am ready to come in to learn how to clean it and to have it trimmed—it doesn’t quite hang right on one side.

However, before phoning for an appointment, I wanted to tell you how thrilled I am. I look how I should look, and how I used to look, and I’m so grateful that these wonderful hair systems exist and that I have one. I’ll have to wait until 2007 to order a second one, but after that I’ll always have two. I shudder at the thought of anything happening to my one and only…

Warmest wishes,
F. B.

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