Hi Michael,

Just a short note to thank you, Jackie and Seven for the wonderful day that I had at your salon last Saturday.

I love my new “hairdo” and have shared my experience finding it with my friends and family. I know that it will be much easier to accept my hair loss now that I have a better look waiting for me.

When we arrived home last Sunday, my ten-year-old asked if I had found my new wig. He brought it into the house and wanted to see it. He was very impressed (and so was his older sister) as to how much it really looked and felt like my own hair. This assured him that I was going to look normal and I know that it helped a lot in relieving some of his anxiety of what effect the chemo will have on my appearance.

Being with your other clients that day has helped me deal with my hair loss as well. We couldn’t tell who was walking in with a wig or not. That made me feel really good and I knew that I had chosen the right salon for my purchase.

Thanks so much for taking the time to service me in between your other clients. You are fortunate to have Jackie and Seven working with you because they are so skilled and understanding.

I will send you another email once I start wearing my new hair and let you know what comments I receive!

Until then, all the best and thanks again.


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