Thank you Michael, to you and your staff, for your fine service and understanding of a condition that is most pervasive: Alopecia Areata.

Recently, I was at Continental Hair to have my new hairpiece blown out and cut with my own remaining hair (due to Alopecia Areata). It was an enjoyable and fun experience as the staff are light-hearted and understanding. I left Continental Hair feeling fabulous and confident. Imagine my delight when I was browsing through Whole Foods at Hazelton Lanes five minutes after leaving Continental Hair, and I was approached by a man who said, “Excuse me, Miss… you have beautiful hair.” I was highly flattered and replied, “Thank you.” He quickly responded, “No, really, I am a hairdresser… will you do a hair show for me?” I smiled, and felt my eyes well up after hearing such a wonderful compliment from one of the best stylists in Yorkville, although I appreciatively declined his invitation.

I am so pleased with all that Continental Hair has done for me. I have visited other hair replacement professionals, but I felt that their products did not look natural, and would not have satisfied my needs. My recommendation to anyone suffering from any type of hair loss is to go directly to Continental Hair. Michael and his staff will confidentially and compassionately help you find what works best for your particular situation. The products are amazing! Thanks again Michael!

Have a great day!

S. C.

Owner & President of Continental Hair. If you have any questions please email me at:


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