As President of Continental Hair I would like to welcome you to our site. I hope that you find it informative, supportive, and maybe even entertaining.

I believe in hair. I believe it has the power to transform a woman by giving her a look that inspires and gives her confidence. I see it happen everyday in the salon. Sometimes it’s a different colour, other times a different cut. In some cases it’s just a little more of what worked before. Regardless of the solution she knows for sure that she can maintain her privacy. No one needs to know that she is losing her hair. It’s amazing to see this realization take place. You can see her exhale, relax, even laugh! Suddenly my client is strutting, where just minutes earlier she hated the way her hair looked. It’s immediate and it’s why I love my job.

But one thing I see causes me some concern. Clients often tell me that it took a lot of courage to come in. That they felt that their hair loss was not as serious as some of the other women that come to Continental and they felt hesitant about making an appointment.

Please, do not hesitate to call us. If it is serious to you, it is serious to us. You deserve that. You are always welcome here no matter what you want us to do for your hair, for whatever reason. You deserve to have beautiful hair and it is our greatest desire to make that happen for you.

If you are on this site it is because you, or someone you care about, is concerned with their hair. Give me a call and we’ll talk about what can be done. I look forward to hearing from you.

Very best regards and thanks,

Michael Suba
Continental Hair

Owner & President of Continental Hair. If you have any questions please email me at:


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Michael Suba

Owner & President

Continental Hair

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