I am so happy with the color and style I am almost in tears. It is absolutely gorgeous. I feel so good about my self with this on!

I can’t believe the quality of the hair, the style and the look. You all have put so much work into this. Its a lot lighter than it was at first and looks a lot healthier.

I am so grateful I found this salon. I regret not finding you sooner in my life.

I can not thank you all so much for this feeling of “normalcy” .

My last hair piece, just this past weekend, I was stopped by a stranger complimenting the cut and color. I was in the USA this summer and had been stopped with many compliments. No one can tell its a wig, they think I have perfect hair!

Nobody asks me where I purchased my wig, they always ask me where I got my hair cut.

Again, I can not thank all of you enough for what I have from your salon.

I am a lifetime customer, worth the drive from North Bay and I tell everyone about Continental. 

I really enjoyed the story from other women with Alopecia.


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