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In an earlier post I talked about a booklet that my father wrote back in the 60’s. One of the subject’s he talked about was “REMMI” hair. Back then, remmi hair was defined as a bundle of human hair that had all of its cuticles, or scales, going in the same direction. All the roots were at one end, and all the tips at another. This made sure that the wig didn’t instantly tangle when it was made into a wig. Any wig made with hair that still has it’s cuticle will occasionally bunch, but you gotta see to believe what happens when its mixed up. This is why even with remmi hair in a wig you have to be careful washing it since the cuticles expand with water and when can barb at the roots.

I bring this up becauseI had a call from a woman that was talking about remmi hair, or perhaps remi hair, and said that she was told it was hair from India. I could not speak to that. And even the urban dictionary on line does not have a definition. So I guess everything is equally valid.

Yet for anyone that discusses hair with me they should know that I follow my father’s use of the word. I call hair from India “Indian Hair”, and hair from China “Chinese Hair, and, hair from Europe “European Hair”, etc. I think its easier that way.

Most human hair in wigs has been ‘stripped’ of the cuticle. This is done for two reasons. One, to make the hair less prone to tangling and two, to give coarse hair a finer feel. If you ever want to see if hair has been stripped all you need to do is rub 5-10 strands of hair between your thumb and forefinger. If the hairs bunch up, there are cuticles on the hair.

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