Breakfast TV (or) OMG It’s 4:00am!

That is the time you have to wake up if you are hosting Breakfast TV’s Live Eye. They get to the salon at 5 in the morning to start setting up. And someone has to be there to let them in. I thought, briefly, about sleeping on the couch in my office but decided that it would not be a good precedent. So I tried as best I could to go about getting ready at home without waking up the wife and kids.

The other thing is that you have to get the staff in at a crazy hour. About 6am. How do you get them to do that? And on their day off to boot? Its surprisingly easy. They love showing off, so you let them. It is also easy when the host is Jennifer Valentine (does she ever sleep?). She is the greatest at this. She came in at 6:10, took off her coat to reveal a beautiful dress, turned around and said “Zip me up!” She didn’t want to wake her husband up to do it so she just hopped in the car and had it done on site.

I think what I find I am most grateful for is the clients that are willing to be models on TV. And I am so happy that they have a good time. It is something that I never take for granted and never forget. It is so much of a personal endorsement, much more than any celebrity could do. Its because it is so personal that I take it personally.

And everyone had fun.

Seven hams it up with Ivana during a commercial break.

And here is Jaqueline, Richard, Ivana, Jennifer, Corale and Seven at the end of the morning, happy that there were no really insane live air mistakes. Where am I? I was down the block getting Jennifer’s car.

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