Call of the West

Friday. Its the end of day Friday. (End of days friday?) Most people look forward to the weekend at this point. Me? I gotta work Saturday. Late weekend Mike, they call me.

As the staff is filing out, looking forward to their evening plans, the phone rings. The area code on the call display is not familiar. I pick up. A silky southern accent goes in my ear.

“Hello, I’m looking for Michael Suba?”

“You’re lookin at em.” I reply.

Okay, enough with the Dashiell Hammett stuff. The drift is that a lovely woman from the south western United States called because a client of mine lives down there and she started taking her postiche to this hair stylist to take care of. The stylist was calling me to say that “It was the most beautiful topper I have ever seen.”

Topper. They always call them a topper. I am not complaining. Its always nice to get professional recognition. And this woman did know what she was about. We discussed a few things of professional interest and promised to stay in touch. The way she does extensions is particularly interesting.

And now its Saturday. We start early on Saturdays. Its our extra busy day. And its good to start off the morning writing about the most beautiful of toppers

I hope y’all have a great weekend too.

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