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Just A Reminder: Wigs Are SEXY. And FUN.


Sometimes you just forget the obvious. Actually, ask my wife and she will tell you that I forget everything. But earlier this week I asked one of the Continental Hair stylists, Seven, to cut in a wig for display. I gave her a very dark human hair wig. She cut it into a bob/wedge with severe bangs. She liked it so much she wore it in the salon.

It was a dramatic departure from her long layered look. The other stylists, and the clients loved it. She was just having fun. She asked me if she could wear it home. I said sure. (What am I going to say?) Someone asked her, “You think your husband will like the look?” She replied, “He better like it, or I’ll find someone who will.”

Seven wore the new look off and on for the rest of the week. It was a big hit with everyone. We work with so many women everyday that just want their hair to look healthy and natural, or to maintain their privacy while they are going through a battle, I forgot that wigs can also be fun. Just like I have said that hair is supposed to be fun, wigs are too. And they should be.

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Michael Suba

Owner and President of Continental Hair.
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