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Both men and women go out on special occasions. Both men and women take time and effort to get ready for these occasions. Both enjoy doing that. But there is a difference. With men the getting ready and the occasion are two separate events. For women they are all part of the evening. And for a woman, getting her hair done is definitely part of the event. I think it can be seen as the introduction, or the preface, to the occasion.

This is easy to understand, even for men. But what if a woman is suffering from hair loss? It does not matter what kind, alopecia areata, female pattern thinning, chemotherapy induced, it comes down to how is a woman going to get ready to go out for something special.

I bring this up because last Saturday we had two women here with different events to go to in the evening. They have androgenetic alopecia. This followed a young cancer patient on the Friday that was getting ready for her prom. It was great to see these women have their hair done. The brunette was in her late forties and was having a French roll up-do. The blonde client, in her early fifties, was having her postiche have her hair cascade up like a fountain with all kinds of sparkly stuff attached to it. You could see that both of them were starting to feel very good about the way they were going to look that evening.  This whole process for any woman can set the tone and the mood for the rest of the event. And they were on their way.

I asked my client getting the French roll what her dress was going to look like.

“Its a black strapless.” she said.

“I think you are going to have fun tonight.” I replied.

“Oh I am going to have a great time.” She smiled.

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