My In-Box

Just like everyone else I check my in-box when I get to my desk. This is what greeted me today:

“I wanted to leave a message for Sandra at your Sunnybrook location. I am going through chemo and recently purchased a wig from Sandra. I was wearing my wig at Loblaws yesterday and the woman behind me said ‘I love the colour of your hair. Do you mind me asking what colour it is?’ I replied, “I have no idea, I’ve never coloured it.” She looked a little envious and I left with a spring in my step. Thanks Sandra. Not only do I love my wig, but I so appreciated your expertise and compassion. You made a tough time much easier.”

I called Sandra at the Sunnybrook hospital salon to read the email to her. She was very happy about it. Then she told me that another patient/client had just sent over a dozen roses to thank her for her!

Its nice when that happens. Its especially nice when it comes from women that have so much else on their minds. But that is something that Sandra has been able to do for over ten years working with cancer patients and their hair loss. She is a cancer survivor, a hair stylist, and a great person. And it seems more and more people are learning that.

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