Dear Diary – A very nice lady came in with her daughter.

Michael Suba

Dear Diary,

It was very funny today. I had a very nice lady come in with her daughter. Our receptionist, Elfi, saw that she was not in our data base so decided that she must be a new client. But when I went to the front to greet her I thought she looked familiar. When she was settled in I asked if she had been here before. She said yes she had, but that was three years ago. She took off the pastiche she was wearing (it still poked great, I had not spotted it at all) and said that it was time for a new one.

I looked inside and saw the purchase order number. I asked, “Are you sure this was only three years ago?”

“Yes,” she replied, “I coloured it a little but it is only three years since I have been here.”

I pulled her custom order file and smiled. You were here in September of 2008, thats six years ago.

She was floored. Her daughter laughed. I said, “You know, for a six year old pastiche this is looking really nice.”

She is getting a new one. I told her I would colour the old one down and she could use it as a ‘beach piece’. I told them it should be here by the end of September and they left happy.

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