Woman Shares Her Hair Loss With the World

Jackie Nguyen Shares Her Hair Loss Story

The Huffington Post is a widely respected online news sources accredited with breaking some very high profiles stories. Most recently, an article published by Huffington might not have attracted worldwide attention but it certainly resonated with many hair loss sufferers. Among other things, Jackie Nguyen is a Vietnamese American musical theater actor and contributor to the Huffington Post. In an article published earlier this month, Jackie shares her personal account of her battle with female hair loss. In addition to Ms. Nguyen shared images that depict her very advanced hair loss.

Jackie’s story is one that is much more common than you may think. She is a healthy 25 year-old woman who suddenly began to notice large amounts of hair loss. After a trip to the ER and appointments with dermatologist, gynecologists and therapists, the prognosis was alopecia areata. Her doctors suspect that her hair loss is related to a recent bought with depression that triggered the onset of alopecia aerate. In the raw and moving article, Nyguyen shares her story. In a mere two weeks Jackie lost 75% of her hair. She decide to write the piece to shed light on a very sensitive topic.

With more than 100 online comments from readers and fellow hair loss sufferers, Nyguyen’s article clearly struck a chord. At Continental Hair, we were particularly moved my Jackie’s story as we treat thousands of hair loss sufferers each and every year. As the leading providers of Toronto’s hair replacement services we feel that female hair loss is a topic that is not addressed in the mainstream media often enough and we hope that Jackie’s story will encourage hair loss sufferers to seek help. If you, or a loved one, are one of the millions experiencing advancing hair loss, we urge you to reach out to us today, schedule a free demonstration and a no-obligation consultation.

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