The Day I Lost My Hair!

Hair Restoration

It wasn’t really something that I noticed over-night….it was gradual. I suppose that I avoided the truth for as long as I could because of vanity or fear or denial. Nevertheless, I had to face the fact that I could no longer wear my hair the way I was used too. The crazy thing is that my hair was thin on only one side and the rest seemed normal.

I looked up the different causes for hair loss and was overwhelmed by what I discovered….did I have Alopecia Areata or was it the medication I take for Diabetes? Is my diet messed up or is it because I am getting older? So many causes and, to my dismay, so many solutions. Which one defined my particular problem and how was I going to about finding a remedy?

I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t need Laser therapy or a hair transplant. I had tried some over-the-counter products but they only seemed to make things worse. So what next? Scalp treatments, maybe. I pondered this for weeks and as I pondered (and avoided), more hair got thinner and I began to feel embarrassed about the ridiculous way that I looked and felt.

Finally, I called a local salon and explained my problem. They said that they only dealt with the usual menu of hair styling options…coloring, cutting, perming, blow drying. Some of those options actually sounded as if they would do more harm to my hair. Perming, coloring? Not the best way to maintain a healthy head of hair, in my opinion. I had done those things many times over the years and I suspected that I was now living with the consequences of constantly messing with what was once really thick and healthy hair.

So, I took to the internet and much to my surprise found several places that specialized in hair restoration. Hair restoration….just the words scared me. Was I going to be bald and wind up with no hair at all? I am female and the thought of that was too much to handle.

The first place that I called was sort of cold; by cold, I mean disinterested. The person on the phone was vague and causally threw out several different types of treatments that I was confused about. How could she know what I needed without ever seeing me or my particular hair situation? Shouldn’t this be up close and personal before making a judgment as to what treatment I might need?

The second place I called was worse…they scared me to death with the possibilities that I might be facing and still, they had never seen me in person. I began to think that maybe this was how the hair restoration (there are those words again..) industry functioned.

By the third call, to Continental Hair, I had all but given up when a lovely woman on the other end of the phone suggest that I come in for a free evaluation. Now that sounded more like it. At least she would be actually looking at my hair.

To make a very long story short, I went to that particular salon and wound up getting my free evaluation and some really good advice. I ended up buying a treatment program for regular weekly scalp treatments along with some products that would aid the restoring of the hair that I had and the hair that I had lost.  Whats more, they are there for me in the event that my hair does, (god forbid) fall out.

It took a month or so but I began to see a difference. I am not going to tell you that I have all of my once thick hair back or that I turned into an old-school Farah Fawcett. But, what I did see was more hair where there had been a lot less. I can now style my hair in several different ways just like I used too and I am no longer embarrassed to go out in public.

There are different solutions for different people and different conditions but no matter what your particular situation is. I suggest that you find a qualified hair technician who knows what they are talking about and can properly evaluate your situation. Find a place that will work with you and offer several varieties of treatment and financial arrangements to suit your needs and your budget, Call your local hair restoration specialist and get a free evaluation..many of them offer this service.  If you are in Toronto, then I would recommend Continental Hair.  Michael and his staff are incredible.

You won’t be sorry….

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