Caring for Your Wig

How long your wig lasts depends on how it is made and how you take care of it.

Synthetic Hair

With synthetics, it is very important to avoid high heat. Not only from everyday activities like cooking but especially from high-heat curling irons and blow dryers. The synthetic hair will not catch fire. But it will frizz and have a very unnatural appearance. A synthetic wig, even perfectly cared for, will begin to frizz from the heat generated from your body, and will degenerate more quickly if you spend a lot of time in the sun. For this reason, one can expect a synthetic hair wig to last no longer than 8 to 12 months of everyday wear.
If a wig is worn every day, it should be washed about every two weeks. Because it is not growing hair, it does not get coated with lubricating oils and sweat from the scalp. So it does not require washing as often. To wash your synthetic hair wig, use a mild shampoo in cold water. Rinse in cold water as well. This will ensure the style is maintained. Shake away excess water and leave to dry overnight.

Asian Human Hair

With this type of hair, you can use your hot curling irons and blow dryers. It can be styled, even permed, like your natural hair. However, it will require colouring two or three times a year. This is a result of the processing, which strips the cuticle from the hair shaft. The cuticle is what keeps the colour in the hair.
Wash in cold water, agitating gently, this is required for only 20 to 30 seconds. Do the same with a rinse then brush and style. Hint: for any human hair wig, it is best to have a simple style. That way after every washing you do not have to take great pains to re-style it.

European Hair

It is best if the stylist at the wig salon demonstrates the washing procedure for European hair. Do not expect your hairstylist to know how this is done. Your stylist may be a wizard with your hair, but when styling and especially maintaining this quality of wig only a very few (usually ones that were in business during the 60′s) know how it’s done. Pride can prevent them from admitting that this is not in their area of expertise. Disregard any advice regarding dry cleaning fluids or other exotic procedures as mythical and incorrect.

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