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Continental Hair has been proud to have helped so many women through their hair loss. Many of the techniques and products we use are exclusive to us and offer a level of natural look and lifestyle that is not available elsewhere. If you are a woman that wears hair now then you are someone that would appreciate some of the things that make Continental Hair unique.

1. Hair Quality

Have you had a problem with the quality of the hair in your systems? We always have clients who are wearing hair coming to Continental to see what we can do differently. The biggest complaint they have is the quality of the hair. This is something that has been getting worse every year, especially for clients on permanent attachment systems. This is an even worse problem for women wearers because they require longer styles and more complex colours. The processed hair from Asia has never been the best solution, but in recent years the attention to quality at the production level has fallen off dramatically. A beautiful hair system must start with beautiful hair, and that is what Continental Hair offers. In cases of a custom order postiche, topper, or wig, we can even show you the hair we will use before we send it away to the factory.
For example, hair quality in a Contressa cannot get any better. It is pure virgin hair and is checked for every variable to make sure that it blends exactly with your own. Not just colour, not just curl, not just length, but coarseness as well. This is something that we take much pride in and love showing off. Virgin hair is also available in our other designs as well. One must remember that it can be limited in the colours and lengths available.

2. Workmanship

The vast majority of hair systems are made, at least in part, by hand. If the workmanship is not excellent then it will show early on in the way the system behaves. Things can go wrong. And sometimes mistakes are made. But these should be rare and be corrected by the salon. Continental Hair has a six-month factory defect warranty on our products. If it was not made right, we will make it right. I will put my manufacturers’ workmanship up against anyone else in the country.

3. Service

Are you not being treated the way you like at your present studio?

Hair is a very important aspect of our lives. This is why we are here. And many people losing their hair are also dealing with difficult circumstances at the moment. And there is another aspect to consider; hair (at least good hair) is very expensive. Continental Hair has the most experience in helping women get the hair they want and keeping it the way they like it. We have been doing this for 50 years. And I will not say that every single person over the last five decades has been happy with us, I will say that the letters and feedback that I get from our (repeat) clients tell us that we do things right.

Another aspect of service is talent. Having the most beautiful hair in the world is nothing if it cannot be styled the way you like it. You have your choice at Continental with some of the most talented and experienced stylists and technicians in Canada. These professionals are there to make sure you get the look you want.

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