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Going “Bronde” This Summer?


yorkville-may14 034-portfolioIt is quite the understatement saying that hair color trends have taken us for a spin; they have taken us to space and back, whipping us from planet to planet, like we are some kind of shampooed boomerang – flung to one trend and before we ever get used to it, we return to the source.

Sarah Boyd of Forbes Magazine sums it up best: “From the brightest blondes, to the deepest browns and even to senior citizen inspired shades of grey, the hair color game has been anything but boring. You might be wondering, “what could possibly be next?”, because at this rate, a truly jaw dropping surprise would be hard to achieve without coming off as gimmicky or, dare I say it, tacky.”

While Boyd seems to be a bit pessimistic regarding hair color trends (and really, who could blame her?), she still holds out hope that a color will come along and change the way we look at hair altogether – and that might have come along. It’s called “Bronde” and Boyd is anticipating that it will be huge, the hair color trend that will close out 2015 and quite possible ring in the New Year.

You might be wondering, “What exactly is “Bronde”?” You can probably figure it out; it’s right in the name – a combination of blonde or brunette – not quite blonde, not quite brunette – that weird limbo between the two colors. It seems that many women are straddling the tightrope between color spectrums. Beyoncé, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gisele Bundchen, and Hannah Davis are just a few of the celebrities straddling that tightrope! Will you follow suit?

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