Rainbows in the Sky, Rainbows in Your Hair

28129597_SDo you consider yourself an archaeologist? Do you often find yourself digging deep into your past? It’s okay to admit it. We all dig into the past; it’s what makes us so absolutely human. Some of us find spiritual solace in the past. Others want to relive their glory days. There’s something alluring about the past. It’s not overwhelming like the present or scary like the future; for most of us, it’s at a comfortable distance so we have no problem looking at it and deciding what we can take from it. Some of us even take elements from our childhood and use it dictate what hairstyles we have, as discussed in The Guardian.

Morwenna Ferrier writes, “Not for the first time, the latest hair trend requires you to dig deep into your past: welcome to the rise of My Little Pony hair. Inspired by the colorful manes of the little plastic toys, rainbow hair has become the go-to hair trend for young women. […] Rainbow-coloured hair is the next logical step in color.”

Can you believe that? Rainbow-colored hair? For many young people, it’s about going against the mainstream, meaning that one strange color isn’t enough anymore. To fully embrace a form of rebellion, youngsters feel they need to rainbow themselves from head to toe. It just so happens that this hair trend is an homage to My Little Pony, the 80s and 90s punk scene, and cyber technology. Danish model Chloe Norgaard, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and Georgia May Jagger all have embraced it.

When it comes to hair trends, you never quite know what to expect. We find that exciting!

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