Hair Loss Causes You Can Prevent

Woman LaughingThere are dozens of reasons why people lose their hair, and the exact cause or hair loss is different for everyone. In most cases of severe hair loss, there are several things contributing to the problem. While some causes of hair loss are unpreventable due to your family history, a particular illness, or other reasons, there are a few that are completely avoidable.

One of the most common causes of hair loss that is preventable is stress. Stress can be both mental and physical, and it has several causes in and of itself. If you have been feeling stressed for any reason and begun noticing your hair falling out, it may be a side effect of the mental or physical overexertion you’re placing on yourself. Rather than treating the hair loss in this instance, it is more important to identify and correct the cause of the stress in the first place. Of course, hair loss can also cause stress, so it’s important to identify which came first.

Certain hair styling techniques and methods can also cause your hair to fall out. For example, a ponytail that pulls your hair back too tightly can cause your hairline to recede over time. Some hair styling products and shampoos have also been linked to mild cases of hair loss, so make sure you research the things you’re putting in your hair.

Your diet could also be contributing to your hair loss, particularly if you aren’t getting the nutrients your body requires on a daily basis. Certain nutrients in particular can lead to hair loss if your diet doesn’t include enough of them, including iron, zinc, and B12. Take some time to analyze your diet and make sure you’re getting the foods you need to stay healthy.

If your hair loss is being caused by one of these avoidable reasons, correct the root of the problem and you can expect your hair to stop falling out soon after.

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