Having Baby-Soft Hair Is the Season’s Latest Trend

When we were young…there’s a magic to youthfulness, the time when we were in the prime of our days ready and willing to tackle anything that came in our way. We were tough and pugnacious; the air we breathed seemed as vigorous as the greatest cocktail imaginable. Every now and again (and some more than others) we feel the need to dig up the bodies of our past selves and resurrect them in the laboratories of our minds.

A few of us will do anything it takes to lose some years and by anything, we really mean it – whether we manipulate our hair, skin, or something else, many of us are determined to look younger, because “look good, feel good.” Some of us even want to look like babies. Can you believe that? The answer might be yes…and this hair look is being called “babylights.”

According to Today, “We all want baby-soft skin, but what about baby hair? Babies have gorgeous (and natural) subtle highlights and that’s something we as adults crave. Well, experts have figured out a way for grownups to steal the look – and it’s become one of those season’s biggest trends.”

The goal is, it seems, is to keep hair looking subtle, soft, and fresh, just like a baby’s…and babylights are a great way to accomplish that without seriously committing to a major life overhaul. Hmm…while a baby’s head is certainly soft, is that the right route people should take to appear and feel younger? For some, that might seem an extreme change; you can’t go much younger than a baby, but at Continental Hair, we will try anything at least once!

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