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A pleasant surprise!

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I have been in the hair replacement business for a long time. And anyone that has been in an industry for many years will tell you that there are still surprises. What surprised me yesterday was a client that came to see Mimi for a trim.

She is a lawyer and she never seems to age. Her alopecia areata has caused her to lose enough hair that it requires that she wear a full wig. So when she came in it was a pleasant surprise.

Four or five years ago she took part in a photo shoot that I put together at the Spoke Club showing off our wigs. I cannot believe that she has not aged in all the years I have known her. She is much  older (and wiser) than she seems.
Rosie and her wig at Continental Hair

She still wears the same style and its timeless on her. I ran into her at Wholefoods across the street a couple hours later. “Nice hair!” I said as I passed her. “Thanks!” she said with a smile.

She has a great smile.

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Michael Suba

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