Is a Postiche right for me?

If you are a woman suffering from thinning hair this postiche (or topper) is one of my most successful designs. Continental Hair has been working and re-working this wonderful hair addition for over forty years. The two things that make it special? Beautiful hair and not too much of it. This makes sure that it gives you a natural look without being “wiggy.”

Virgin European Hair

Most hair additions or toppers use processed human hair. Its natural hair (some call it ‘remy,’ but that’s another post) but its from India or China and has been bleached and stripped and coloured. This takes away from the natural beauty and integrity of the hair. This is why we’ve always used ‘virgin’ hair. It’s the natural colour and has the cuticles (the hair’s scales) intact. All its natural beauty is there. And its also more fine than Asian hair so for many women with thinning hair it blends better with their own.

This is why it looks so good. That may be the most important reason why its so popular but it is not the only one.

Easy to apply and maintain

Many of my clients do not want to be on a program or be constantly coming back to the salon for maintenance. With some hair replacements they are attached for a month at a time at the end of which you much go back and have it re-attached. Many would like to skip this and the postiche is something that the client takes on and off herself. She can wash it herself (once a month, usually) and take care of it on her own.

There are limitations with this – you can’t wakeboard with it. And I only recommend sleeping with it on occasionally. But that is the trade off. You have the perfect look of just as much hair as you want. Perfectly natural and easy to maintain. I have clients that have worn these for decades and all over the world. It is a terrific piece of fashion engineering.

Things you should know

  • The Postiche attached unsung comb clips. These attach the Postiche to your own hair so you do need some if it is going to work.
  • The Postiche is custom made and usually takes 8 – 10 weeks to manufacture. It is all done by hand to suit your needs and your look.
  • Prices start from $2400 and go up. The cost is determined by the hair’s length and the colour. Most will cost in the $2800 – $3200 range. Costs include the styling and fitting, but not the HST.
  • A well maintained Postiche will usually last 2 to 3 years.
  • We do have samples that you can try on to see what it feels like.

Here are some videos that will give you a better idea of what the Postiche can do.

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