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I took my wife out to dinner a couple of weeks ago. We do not get out often because of the usual suspects but since a couple of them are of babysitting age now it has recently become easier. I took her someplace new downtown. It was very modern and stylish, but the food was excellent in spite of that.

About half way through the meal a woman in her late twenties approached the table. She was attractive and attractively dressed. I recognized her as a client.

“When did you get here?” she asked me.

We exchanged pleasantries and I introduced my wife.

“You are married to an angel!” she told her.

“That’s your opinion.” my wife said with a smile. And all of a sudden they were talking like sisters. Effectively they were talking like sisters about me. HELLO! I can hear you! But it had no effect. It very rarely does. Actually it never, ever does. I used the time to productively order another rye and ginger.

After a few minutes my client wished us a great evening and left to rejoin her friends. My wife asked,

“Does she have thinning hair? Was she wearing a postiche? She’s just beautiful.”

“No,” I replied, “she has severe alopecia. She has a full cap.”

“Really? That’s impressive.”

“She wears it well.” I said.

I looked over at the table where my client was in animated conversation with her friends. I was very happy to see her having fun.

I was also happy to know that after twenty years of marriage I could still impress my lovely wife.

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Michael Suba

Owner and President of Continental Hair.
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