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How to Shop for a Wig

Shopping for a wig can be challenging. The fact that you are new to the product and the process can be daunting. Add to the fact that maybe you do not actually want to get a wig but circumstances are such that you need one makes it even more stressful. I hope that these tips can help you find the perfect wig for you. The first thing I tell a...
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Candace’s Story

Candace Hamilton is the fantastic manager of our new Sarnia location. Here’s the story about how she came into our lives 🙂 Hello, my name is Candace and I have hypothyroidism. This is my story. I struggled for years with the symptoms of weight gain, depression, aches and pain and hair loss. For almost five years I continued going into my family doctor expressing concerns about my health, and stating...

Aftercare for Your New Hair System

The following steps should be followed to ensure a proper and thorough cleaning of your new hair system. These steps should ensure a thorough and easy cleaning of your hair system. Remember that the hair system should only be washed every 4-6 weeks with daily wear. If you encounter a problem with your system at ANY time during the process, STOP and call Continental Hair at (647) 735-5362 or email us at in**@co*************.com. Our...

How to help your friend or loved one choose a medical wig

If someone you know is going through chemotherapy, one of the things they may want help with is choosing a wig. Here are some tips on how you can help. I remember when I was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy for my cancer. It was back in 1990 but I remember it vividly. I am still grateful for the support and love I received from my family and friends. I...

Brittany’s Makeover!

I tell my clients the “hair should be fun!” And they agree, especially since none of them are having fun with their hair. So I decided to show how someone that has no hair can still have fun with their hair! Brittany has been a client of mine for years. She is a wonderful, beautiful young woman who has never had a salon experience. So we gave her one. Daniel...

Solutions for Thinning Hair

Male pattern baldness may be more noticeable to the average person walking by you on the street, but there are just as many women who suffer from hair loss. While often not as drastic as the hair loss experienced by men, hair thinning can be just as devastating for women. Hair thinning does not just physically alter someone’s appearance. It can also take a mental and emotional toll due to...


If you have been suffering from alopecia, the professionals at Continental Hair are here for you. We have decades of experience offering hair loss solutions to both men and women with alopecia, and you can rest easy knowing we can tailor our services to your specific needs. If you aren’t sure whether or not you have alopecia, we first recommend receiving a diagnosis from your doctor. In general, hair loss...

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