Turn Hair Loss into Your Dream Come True!

When we talk about hair loss it is often in the context of how to survive it, to recover from it, or deal with the physical and emotional impacts of it. However, hair loss can actually be viewed as an opportunity to reinvent yourself.

Jennifer Lopez, eat your heart out!
Think about it. Many women simply accept the hair they were born with and remain confined to the colour, texture or length with only minor alterations here and there—an occasional cut, dye or straightener. But if you are a woman experiencing female hair loss (whether genetic or medically related), you finally have the chance to get the hair of your dreams with an amazing custom-made 100% human hair wig, hair addition, or hair extensions made with 100% natural European hair!

You can even go for that daring cut you’ve been thinking about for months or even years. Now you can go for that celebrity style you’ve always dreamed of but were too nervous to experiment with.

Jennifer Lopez’s long and lush look: Jennifer Lopez’s hair is well known for being golden blond, long and wavy. She often achieves this look by layering hair extensions at different levels in her hair depending on whether she is going for big and bouncy, straight and sleek, or wavy and round. But to get that J-Lo look, you needn’t spend hours at the salon or risk further damage to your hair if you are already experiencing some degree of hair loss, or if you have very fine hair that breaks easily. There are many options for beautiful custom-made 100% human hair wigs that still allow you the Jennifer Lopez fullness. Regardless of the type of wig you may ultimately fall in love with, you can create a custom wig designed to your own personal specifications, with just the colour, layers, texture and style you want.

Ashley Simpson and the short look.
Last year, Ashley Simpson made many appearances with a short blond haircut. This is a sleek and simple look with a side part, hair long at the top, with a nice swooping bang combed to the front. It can work with any colour and is a style perfect for women with fine, thinning hair, or female pattern hair loss mainly at the crown of their head. If this appeals to you, check out our amazing Postiche, which may be just what you’re looking for.  Developed by Emma Suba in the early 1990s, her aim was to design a woman’s hair replacement unit that was light and easy to wear, anchored the hair well but was not heavy or warm, and would give women with thinning hair an extra 10-20% of density. What she developed is still the very best women’s daily-wear hair replacement for thinning hair. When it is used with virgin European human hair, there is nothing to match it for its natural appearance and style.

Regardless of what type of wig, hair addition, or style you ultimately choose, remember to stay open to the possibilities and enjoy the process. Remember, hair is supposed to be fun! Hair loss doesn’t have to be painful. On the contrary, the experience can be entirely transformed if you transform your perspective!

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