How Long Has It Been?

I looked at the schedule this morning just like I always do and saw that one of my consultations was a current client. I did not recognize the name so I looked it up in the computer’s files. Still nothing. That meant that the client’s last visit was over four years ago. I would have her full details on the accounts computer kept off site. So I had no idea who she was or what she was looking for.

When her time came she arrived with her daughter. I was told they were together the last time they came six years ago. Now I have clients that sometimes do this, but they are not usually wearing the wig they bought six years ago. SHe was. And it still looked great. It was a European Kate. A very nice wig (we still make them exclusively) with virgin European hair. The high brown was sun lighted to high blonde on top, but it was all there and it looked great. And she took care of it the whole time.

The reason she came in was to get a shorter synthetic, and maybe get some styling done to her ‘old’ one. We found her a very pretty Sharon synthetic and made an appointment for her to come back and get everything done.

My only regret is that I wish she would come in for maintenance occasionally. Her and her daughter were just so charming and fun. They made my day.

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