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How to Shop for a Wig

Shopping for a wig can be challenging. The fact that you are new to the product and the process can be daunting. Add to the fact that maybe you do not actually want to get a wig but circumstances are such that you need one makes it even more stressful. I hope that these tips can help you find the perfect wig for you. The first thing I tell a...
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Its The Inner Sanctum For A Reason

I have been on crutches for over 2 months. I broke my leg playing hockey and even though the bone is healing nicely I also did quite a nice number on my tendons. So much so that they had to get out the Black & Decker power tools and square my ankle to my leg. Its the soft tissue that takes a long time so although there is no pain...

How Long Has It Been?

I looked at the schedule this morning just like I always do and saw that one of my consultations was a current client. I did not recognize the name so I looked it up in the computer’s files. Still nothing. That meant that the client’s last visit was over four years ago. I would have her full details on the accounts computer kept off site. So I had no idea...

Three Clients

I had three clients come to see me on Saturday. These women have been clients for a long time so it is always great to see how things are moving along in their lives. They all have thinning hair caused by androgenetic alopecia. The first one was someone that I had not seen in years. She came in with her mother, like she did the first time three years ago....

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