Three Clients

I had three clients come to see me on Saturday. These women have been clients for a long time so it is always great to see how things are moving along in their lives. They all have thinning hair caused by androgenetic alopecia.

The first one was someone that I had not seen in years. She came in with her mother, like she did the first time three years ago. Although she is young she has thinning hair and needs a postiche. When she was here before I was able to have a sample that worked so well for her she didn’t need a custom order. But this time she did.

I mentioned that he postiche lasted a good long time and she said that when she was in London, England, her hair stylist took very good care of it. Now that she had just moved back it was time to get another one. This time we went with the full custom molding and colour. She had not yet seen the new French part that we put in the postiches now and she was very excited to get one. I told her that with a custom mold we will be able to get more coverage, but with a light density it will not change her look. She can’t wait for August.

My next client had a serious problem. She (and her daughter) have been with me for several years and she just received a new postiche a couple of months ago. The problem was that the bangs were not cut right. I know that they were not cut right because I know how she likes them cut. The stylist that cut them is no longer here at Continental so its all up to me. We had tried to save them but they were just too short. So when she came in to talk to me about them on Saturday she started to tell me the story but I raised my hand. “I have to make you another one.” She was really shocked. She started to say that there must be something that could be done etc. But I told her that it was our policy. I trust her, I know her, and I know what she likes. She would get a new one. So I made her happy. That was easy!

Then I had one of my favorite clients come in. She wanted to order her third postiche. She gets one like clock work every three years. She first wanted to go over a few things about the last one she got. I answered her questions and showed her why some things were done in a certain way and why things are different with our designs in regards to others (that will be a future blog).

Then we started talking about all kinds of stuff. She was telling me how, after her husband past away, the postiche changed her life. She told me about how much she loved the look and the confidence it gave her. And she told me she started seeing a guy. They went to Vegas and she would change from one postiche during the day and the other at night. He never suspected a thing.

She was just glowing.

It was a great day.


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