Its The Inner Sanctum For A Reason

I have been on crutches for over 2 months. I broke my leg playing hockey and even though the bone is healing nicely I also did quite a nice number on my tendons. So much so that they had to get out the Black & Decker power tools and square my ankle to my leg. Its the soft tissue that takes a long time so although there is no pain there is a lot of frustration. I only recently learned how to get from point A to B with a cup of coffee.

So the office in which I am typing now is not up to the very highest standards of organization. When I would pick up my wife from her job her desk looked like she had just been fired. My desk looks like my office has been burgled. And its not any better since I am not so mobile. Suba’s law of clutter: ‘When it’s difficult to pick up an object at rest it tends to rest there.’

Yesterday was even more brutal. I had a shipment of hair come in from my guy in Europe and I was half way to getting my shipment out to my manufacturer in Asia. So to the untrained eye the place was in chaos. And then I had my visitor.

She is a new client. I had designed a custom postiche for her in August and she was getting it cut in by Jackie. She burst into my office to show me. Normally someone will call me out saying that someone wants to show me. Everyone here knows I love seeing the finished product. But she was too fast for them. She came right to the back and presented herself. Oh she was GLOWING! She was so happy. I have to say Jackie did a great job styling it for her. She had told me earlier that she was really nervous and I said that that was normal. But as she was showing off her new look I was just so distracted by the fact that my office did not present itself as the professional hideaway that it should.

But oh well. She didn’t seem to mind. I told her she was “ready for the weekend.”

“I can’t wait.” She said.


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