Things Sometimes Go Perfectly

Last Friday I had a consultation with a woman who came to see me from out of province. She had been in email contact with one of my clients who she found on the web and since she was coming to Toronto for a conference she called ahead to see me about her thinning hair.

She had classic female pattern thinning and had tried everything. We talked about her hair and her story and the look that she wanted. I told her about how we would design her postiche and how we would make it and how long it would take. She did not like the idea of waiting 8 – 10 weeks to get it but, as they say, it is what it is.

She wanted to see what one looked like and felt like so I went and got one to show her. I always keep some samples to show clients to give them an idea of what a postiche can do for them. Her hair is dark, short and kinda wavy. That is the best way to describe it. She did not wear bangs but when I mentioned that she could she really liked the idea.

“Women that come to see me tend to have been having their hair loss dictating their hair style,” I told her, “This is going to change that.”

The thing was the short, dark sample that I brought out was a perfect colour match. The sizing/contour was just right as well. We decided that instead of ordering one we could just go with this. I would do an ‘overnight’ perm to get the wave pattern right and she could have it the next day. Since she was going to be speaking at this conference for two days she asked if it was possible to get it done that afternoon. I told her no, that if we did that it would damage the hair.

So she was o-kay with that. However, when we started to cut in the postiche Corale wet it and called me over. She showed me that the hair in the sample had a natural wave, just like the client’s hair. This does not happen often so I was almost as crazy happy as she was.

So she walked out with it an hour later, after being trained in how to wear it and maintain it. I got an email from her on Monday October 22.


I am running around wildly for the next few days but wanted to thank you AGAIN for um, EVERYTHING!!!

You can’t believe how differently the two conferences unfolded because of you!

HOW COME YOU DON”T HAVE FACEBOOK/TWITTER SO I CAN SHARE THESE MESSAGES WITH PEOPLE?????<—its what I do for a living, when I’m not writing, maybe we should chat!!!)

OK, feel great today and every day, knowing that you are the most incredible and kind person ever!!!

Will write more when i can, thanks again.


Sometimes things just go perfectly.

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